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Drone Volt LogoSpecialized in the manufacture, integration and sale of drones for professionals, DRONE VOLT develops and designs comprehensive solutions for your missions in various sectors such as audiovisual, security, monitoring, topography.


HERCULES 5 UF is equipped with a smart tethered station for civilian drones. Thanks to its micro-tether providing unlimited power, the system enables unlimited access to a global aerial vision, in real me and in a secure manner 24 hours a day. Its fully stabilized camera features an 18x ‘Optical Zoom’ allowing the scene to be analyzed in greater details or examined from a distance without exposing the drone to danger. The FLIR night vision VUE PRO records 8-bit digital video in MJPEG or H.264 formats and 14-bit still imagery.

Micro-tether length 40 m
Output Voltage 6S
Power Output Up to 1500W (peak)
Safety Battery (onboard) Yes
Micro-tether weight 12 g/m
Onboard module weight 500 g
Onboard Module Dimensions 170 x 84 x 42 mm
Total Weight 12 kg
Length 100 m | 330 ft
Weight of the micro-tether 16 g/m
Output voltage 6S
Power Output Up to 2500W (peak)
Safety Battery (onboard) Included
Data speed 40 Mb/s
Tensile strength 1000 N
Built-in protection Electronic crowbar / Circuit-breaker
Tether Management System Automated / Tension control
Dimensions of the station 65cm x 35cm x 35cm
Total Weight 28 kg