Thursday, November 26, 2015

Solution Design

Take a seat in the NIPX and we will steer you through an IP security solution that makes sense and you leave with a Network design, fully specified and priced. Sample footage and stills available to slot into your proposal to your customer. That’s what we do – making IP easy.

Milestone VMS

At the heart of the NIPX is the Milestone Video Management Software Platform. This integrates all the security devices on one system. See all levels of XProtect® software from XProtect Essential. Express, Professional, Enterprise right through to XProtect Corporate on display. Till integration and LPR also on display. Milestone is the world leading IP video management platform. See it for yourself and make the change.

IP Cameras

The NIPX hosts a full range of internal & external megapixel cameras from dome, bullet to full body. See the power of the resolution of these cameras up close. Understand bandwidth speed and impact of different codecs MJPEG, MPEG4 & H.264. IQinVision & ACTi cameras to suit all environments. Seeing is believing.

IP Training

This is where we carry out all our IP training courses. Perfect for sales & technical staff to make the transition from Analogue to IP. The NIPX is a unique training space to learn from seasoned professionals about IP networking. Become Milestone Certified here also, as GVD are the only trainers of Milestone in Ireland. Get yourself and your business IP ready

Winning Projects

The NiPX is a facility to help you win IP projects. We welcome end users to the NIPX and can carry out co-presentations with you to help your customer understand the difference they will achieve with an IP security system. “After I brought in Ryanair to the NIPX, I knew that I was better positioned to win the business. If you want to make sure that you have the best chance to get a job then arrange a customer demo with GVD in their NIPX centre.” Hugh Donnelly, HD Security Systems.

Access Control

See full integration between cameras and access control at the NIPX. With a unified security solution over one recording platform, interrogating access control databases alongside the corresponding video data becomes easier and changes how security systems are used. See latest Paxton Access. Open your mind to new possibilities.

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