Making IP Solutions Easy
Site: Greystones Town, Co. Wicklow – car park, recycling centre and street
Cameras: ACTi 5611 Box camera 1.3 Megapixel
Software: Milestone XProtect Professional 26 Licences
Wireless: 5GHZ Network with omni – directional antennae and subscribers
Security Installer: Custodian Electronic Security Systems

Greystones wireless network saves town council thousands

With the tightening of government budgets, local governments are faced with the challenge to save money on town security but not compromise on quality of service. A major hurdle for local governments to overcome is to install video surveillance in built up town centres or areas where it is too costly or physically impossible to reach with additional cabling.

A recent town security installation in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, deployed a 5 GHz wireless security solution that overcame these barriers. GVD worked with Custodian Electronic Security Solutions to devise a wireless system that extended over 3km, connecting security cameras in a car park monitoring for theft with cameras in the recycling area surveying for illegal dumping and with security cameras in the town centre monitoring for anti-social behaviour. Vincent Byrne, Civil Engineer Technician, Wicklow County Council Greystones Area Office, specified the project and is very pleased with the installed IP security system. The disruption to the town and the cost of laying cable would have made this project financially impossible. By using an smart IP security solution, the entire installation cost one tenth of a traditional fibre network and resulted in a 90% cost saving. Such cost savings are increasing the demand amongst local governments for more and more wireless solutions.

“The quality of the image in the live picture and in particular on recorded images with the non-pixellation of the images on zoom, are the best features of the megapixel cameras”, according to Declan Greene, Managing Director of Custodian Electronic Security Solutions.

“Furthermore, Greystones Town Council, were able to protect their investment in the existing analogue cameras, by converting these to IP using video encoders. The wireless solution is very robust, giving the Town Council rock solid connectivity over a wide area without recourse to civil engineering costs, making this security solution a viable option when budgets are tighter.”

For Town Centre security the main advantages of an IP solution are:

  • Megapixel picture quality for superior Image quality & licence plate recognition
  • Wireless networking to minimise disruption and maximise budget
  • Milestone software to watch live footage and playback simultaneously
  • Deliver pay back on investment by issuing illegal dumping fines with clear evidence from megapixel cameras