Sunday, November 29, 2015

IPX® Server, Hybrid & Client Series, Intel® NUC

In GVD, we believe in building bespoke machines on tried and tested platforms. That’s why we’ve produced The IPX® Series - Built for Milestone XProtect® and Powered by Intel® Next Generation Xeon® high performance processors - encompassing IP Servers, Hybrid Servers and Client machines. The servers are built to specification based on exact operational requirements.

We bench and stress test all our IPX servers prior to shipping. This ‘real world’ quality checking is vital in our opinion. Our experienced technical support team can replicate typical issues and scenarios in advance of the server being deployed on site. This ensures that there are minimal on-site issues.

IPX® Hybrid Series
IPX® Server Series
IPX® Client Series
Intel® NUC - Next Unit of Computing

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