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Our Partners

  • AviglonAviglon

    Avigilon is the manufacturer of powerful, easy-to-use, end-to-end security solutions for all industries. Avigilon designs and manufactures high-definition surveillance solutions that deliver world-class technology solutions. Avigilon provides industry-leading HD network video software and megapixel cameras that produce the world’s best image quality. Avigilon’s sterling reputation is widespread – with their HD network video management software, megapixel cameras, and video analytic products deployed by more than 25% of the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500 list.

  • MilestoneMilestone

    GVD is the only advanced certified distributor for Milestone Systems in Ireland. Milestone Systems is a global thought-leader and developer of open platform IP video management software. It’s easy to use, robust and well established XProtect® platform is proven in more than 100,000 customer installations around the world. With support for the widest choice in network hardware and integration with other systems, XProtect provides best in class solutions to video enable organisations – managing risks, protecting people, assets, optimising processes and reducing costs.

  • DellDell

    Dell is an American privately-owned multinational computer technology company, based in Texas, that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. Dell offers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for business. They have consistently led the way in server, storage and networking solutions.

  • IntelIntel

    Intel Corporation is an American multinational semiconductor chip manufacturer, headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Intel combines a state-of-the-art chip design expertise with leading-edge manufacturing capability which has led to them becoming the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker. Through computing innovation, Intel offers server and storage solutions that push the boundaries of smart and connected technology. Initially only know to industry peers such as engineers and technologists, Intel is now a household name and its products can be found in most personal computers.

  • CommendCommend

    Passion for Security and Communication.
    Commend’s unique solutions are installed for the protection of people, buildings and assets throughout the world. Integration of Commend Intercom Solutions has been hugely successful in many industry sectors. Intercom stations, modules and servers for integration of speech, image and data can be found in control rooms throughout the world for increased security

  • ComnetComnet

    ComNet is a provider of video, audio and data transmission and network communication solutions for the security market. Ethernet-based security networks perform a critical role in security; therefore, the highest level of control and management must be achieved to keep the network functioning optimally.

  • PlanetPlanet

    We are official distributors for Planet. Planet is the leading global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and SOHO markets. Planet offers an abundance of top-quality products including LAN Switches, Power over Ethernet switches, media convertors, IP telephony and IP surveillance. Planet provides energy-saving, cost-effective technology that’s easy to install based on the concept of ‘activating IP power’.

  • MerakiMeraki

    High Capacity Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest grade components and carefully optimized for a seamless user experience. The outcome: faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer support calls. Meraki access points provide deep network insight enabling smarter network management. The Cisco Meraki dashboard gives visibility into the network users, their devices, and their applications.

  • FluideshFluidesh

    Cisco Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul (formerly Fluidmesh) is a new generation of wireless technology that lets you achieve fiberlike performance for mission-critical applications. Like 5G URLLC, it features ultra-low latency to enable the most demanding real-time applications. Like fiber, it offers ultra-reliable broadband connectivity. It’s easy to deploy, maintain, and operate, making it the ideal choice for IT and OT backhaul. Its range of solutions cover point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh networks with an exceptional level of reliability, flexibility and ease of use. Fluidmesh wireless products are the enablers of outdoor and large-scale applications of IoT (the Internet of Things): smart cities, urban video-surveillance, connected vehicles and trains, and industrial automation.

  • ACTi CorporationACTi Corporation

    GVD is the Irish Distributor for ACTi. ACTi Corporation is an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution provider, covering everything from security to business management solutions. Their products include IP cameras, video management systems and video analytics that are seamlessly unified and consistently reliable. ACTi’s extensive technology innovations in the development of JPEG/MPEG-4/H.264, have empowered ACTi’s worldwide partners and customers to enjoy best quality video performance from VGA up to Megapixel resolution at minimum bandwidth.

  • PelcoPelco

    Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems. From the recently introduced VideoXpert video management platform to their industry-leading selection of IP cameras and accessories, Pelco is committed to designing and delivering a broad range of high-quality, IP video security products and systems complemented with an unparalleled level of customer support and services.

  • IluminarIluminar

    Iluminar is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of IR and white light illuminators and license plate recognition products. Iluminar’s impressive selection of low voltage lighting products is the largest in the industry and they strive to provide impeccable lighting solutions for every surveillance application.

  • VideoTecVideoTec

    Videotec manufactures in-house and offers a wide range of CCTV products recognised for their high performances, flexibility and style. They have focused on the creation of advanced integrated products for the management and movement of security cameras, both analogue and network, for the monitoring of complex external environments.

  • NetgeniumNetgenium

    We are a distributor of Netgenium Systems. Netgenium is a manufacturer of Power Over Ethernet (PoE) products and solutions including IP speakers, IP intercoms and access control. Netgenium, renowned for their creative thinking, were the first company in the world to power industry standard locking hardware from Power over Ethernet. Their innovative work earned them various awards at the IIPSEC and the IFSEC exhibitions.

  • OptexOptex

    Optex is the world’s leading manufacturer of the high-performance sensing technology Red Wall. The detector scan and video data are configured and displayed together in Milestone’s easy-to-use XProtect® Smart Client interface.

  • PaxtonPaxton

    Paxton Access is a leading manufacturer of electronic access control systems. The systems that Paxton manufacture will keep your buildings, staff and assets secure. Paxton has worked side by side with Milestone, the open platform company, to fully integrate the Paxton software with the Milestone video management software. This integration is fully tested, very effective and most importantly, available on the market. The software integration of Paxton’s Net2 product with Milestone XProtect® video management software is a true two-way integration. Milestone software is able to identify all alarms and alerts that are received on the Paxton software and associate specific doors with cameras.

  • XirrusXirrus

    Xirrus Architecture: Designed for Scalable Networks. The conventional method of deploying thin access points tied to central controllers is breaking down under the load of BYOD and mobile applications. Exacerbating the issue are new wireless standards, such as 802.11ac, that can deliver 3-5 times or more than that of 802.11n speeds. Xirrus addresses these scalability challenges with architectural innovations.

  • Agent VIAgent VI

    Agent Vi is the leading global provider of open architecture video analytics software that extends from real-time video analysis and alerts to video search and business intelligence applications – fully integrated with a range of cameras, encoders and video management systems. Their advanced video analytics capabilities enable true leveraging of your surveillance network, transforming it into an intelligent tool that responds to the practical challenges of the 21st century. The company has proven deployments worldwide in retail, airports, rail hubs, highways, education, critical infrastructure, utility, government, financial institutions and metropolitan markets.

  • SparkLanSparkLan

    We are an official distributor of SparkLan Wireless Networking Solutions. SparkLAN’s product mix covers wireless embedded modules, and wireless networking devices (access point, router, client, and IP cameras), offering a comprehensive line of solutions for diversified applications in the growing broadband communication market.

  • ViaconViacon

    GVD is an official distributor of Vicon. Vicon is the leading designers and producers of video systems and high-performance IP camera components used for security, surveillance, safety and control purposes. Their key aim is to focus on empowering a team-based partner ecosystem (Team-Ecosystem) to enhance growth and to deliver greater value to the channel.


    AMG is a leading global provider of ruggedised and bespoke IP, hybrid and analogue security and communication transmission solutions designed for a wide range of applications including intelligent traffic management systems on motorway networks that can withstand the harshest of environments (i.e. oil and gas/petrochemicals). AMG provides solutions for various different government and public sectors as well as catering for businesses security and defence needs.

  • Fit-PC 2Fit-PC 2

    We are the sole distributor of Fit-PC in Ireland. Fit-PC is the greenest and most compact PC on the planet. It is the perfect solution for storing data and running systems where space is. The Fit-PC2 is fan-less and saves you up to 96% on your power consumption, helping you to maintain a greener environment. Compulab system on modules can be found in over 1,500 products of some of the world’s leading companies.

  • BriefCamBriefCam

    We are an official distributor of BriefCam, a developer and provider of video synopsis solutions for CCTV surveillance systems. BriefCam hones in on the global need to review, investigate and identify incidents that happen on video, allowing you to take the necessary action needed. BriefCam Syndex is offered as a standalone product intended mainly for law enforcement and individual security investigators (FS) and for investigative teams (FS+), or as an integrated/embedded product within the VMS environment for medium-sized enterprises (EP) and large/growing ones (EP+).