Making IP Solutions Easy

A UK Prison required a fail safe access control system and approached one of GVD’s Milestone Reseller Partners to design a modern integrated IP based system.NET2 controllers, ievo biometric fingerprint readers, IQinVision alliance mini dome 720P HD IP cameras, Netgenium IP intercoms and Milestone XProtect® Professional as the Video Management Software, which would sit on a bespoke GVD built IPX Server Series E5 class Intel RAID machine.

It was clear to the prison that the Milestone, Paxton NET2 and ievo integration would make enrolling staff and visitors onto the access control system much quicker, easier and safer.
Enrolling visitors and staff onto the system is done at the security gate house and policing and monitoring of the system can be easily viewed through the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client in the main security control room.
When enrolling someone onto the Paxton NET2 system with finger prints and photographs the prison security staff then has the choice to restrict visitor access to certain doors, turnstiles and at or for specific time periods. Once enrolled the visitor presents his finger to the ievo reader at each turnstile and the Paxton Net2 system will grant access; as the person passes through the turnstile it is recorded in the Paxton NET 2 software together with high resolution video footage from the IQinVision alliance mini dome camera recorded by Milestone but viewed through the integration in the Paxton NET2 software.

At the turnstiles there are also Netgenium audio intercoms, which call to a Planet SIP phone in the main control room. The security operators can review who’s entering the prison through the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client and remotely grant access or enrol the fingerprint onto the Paxton access control system.

Milestone XProtect® was chosen by the prison as the heart of the security system and integration platform because of its open platform capabilities and because it has the widest choice of security manufactures with which it can integrate. As the prison has 1000+ existing analogue cameras, Milestone was the best choice for future plans to encode cameras onto the Milestone system and adding new IP cameras together with video analytics from a wide range of vendors. It was important for the prison not to get locked into ‘proprietary jail’ with their security system where only one specific brand can be used with the recording platform. By choosing Milestone, they have future proofed their security system, which is flexible, scalable and responsive to their specific needs.

Customer Result:
For prisons the main advantages of an IP access control and Video surveillance solution are:

• Easy to use and the ability to integrate with multiple vendors
• Scalabilty: allowance with server and Milestone XProtect® to add more cameras and access control doors without adding multiple DVRs
• Megapixel picture quality for superior image quality
• A true open platform VMS from Milestone XProtect
• Failsafe IPX series recording server designed built and supplied by GVD