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IP Access Control



Based in the North-East of England Netgenium products are developed and manufactured to the highest standards at our UK manufacturing plant.

Netgenium MIP

The Netgenium MIP plugin for Milestone System’s XProtect server extends real-time control of Netgenium’s physical security, intelligent audio and lighting control solutions into the Milestone Smart Client application.

  • Netgenium hardware consists of; IP PoE Physical Access Control, IP PoE Intelligent Audio, IP PoE Intelligent Lighting.
  • Netgenium software consists of; PolicyServer and NGxView Consoles
  • Netgenium O.E.M. products; Available as an option for key partners locally and globally by contractual agreement.
  • Netgenium roadmap; Hardware and Software products are continually enhanced and developed.
  • Roadmaps for future technologies are available by discussion with the Netgenium management team.