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Wireless Technology

GVD supply a range of wireless solutions, including fully managed Wi-Fi solutions suitable for schools, colleges, universities campus, large events, hotels, apartment complexes and office blocks. We also supply a range of outdoor solutions including point-to-point and multi-point solutions suitable for multiple applications, including CCTV and voice or data solutions.

We operate in the Reseller market and we provide our resellers with a free consultancy service that can be found through no other distributor. We’ll even visit the site with you and carry out a free site survey.


When it comes to wireless networking, we understand that flexibility, reliability and high performance are critical for both employees and guests – whether during times of low or high density.

Why Cisco Meraki?

Whether you have a single site or numerous remote locations needing different network settings, the Meraki dashboard provides centralised flexibility and control. Built-in live tools allow you to monitor, diagnose, and resolve potential issues with each of the networks without having to go on-site. Cloud management gives visibility into users, devices, and apps on the networks – giving insights into usage trends and visitor numbers. Auto RF optimization scans the environment, adjusting channel and power settings for high performance, while Air Marshal protects the network against wireless threats.

Analytics provide business intelligence into how each of the networks is being used throughout the day. IT can access the dashboard at any time to activate or change the settings, allowing them to keep up with the ever-changing demands and SSID needs at location. Per-SSID Layer 3 and 7 firewall and traffic shaping rules ensure appropriate and fair network usage for customers and employees.

Licensing for each device includes all future firmware upgrades and features, ensuring a future-proof network.

Campus Wi-Fi solutions

Higher Education

Meraki’s cloud networking platform is the solution of choice for higher education campuses, delivering superior performance, reliability, management, and cost savings to leading universities.

Why Cisco Meraki?

An intuitive dashboard provides deep visibility into the overall network, as well as granular insight into devices, users, and applications. Dedicated security radio in each AP continuously scans the environment to identify and protect against security threats.

Both GVD and IT teams are able to remotely monitor and manage the network infrastructure from anywhere via the web-based dashboard. Custom SSIDs allow the IT team to configure association requirements and usage restrictions based on user group.


The simplicity of the platform means the team doesn’t need specialised network training for daily management and monitoring. Automatic RF optimization, built into the security radio, continuously scans and adapts device settings for the highest performance.

This scalable solution allows the IT team to add new devices as needed in minutes, without having to update or change management style. The team can also control SSID broadcasting and scheduling availability based on AP tagging.

New features and firmware updates are automatically downloaded and applied at no additional cost, providing the school with a future-proof solution.

Hospitality and tourism Wi-Fi

We have wide experience supplying Wi-Fi solutions to the hospitality and tourism sector.

Thousands of guests pass through your hotels every year, relying on the Wi-Fi provided for both business and leisure. In addition to guest rooms, hotels also provide event spaces for conferences, presentations, and demonstrations. Meraki’s cloud networking solution provides reliable, cost-effective, centrally managed networking that is easy for hotel employees to use and works seamlessly for guests.

Meraki’s intuitive dashboard allows hotel managers to monitor the network and make quick configuration changes for event spaces, depending on needs. Built-in analytics provide instant visibility into network usage, from high-use areas to customer engagement with targeted marketing campaigns.

High performance APs ensure reliable network access, continuous mobility, and automatic RF optimisation for dynamic or challenging environments.


IT teams can now identify bandwidth-heavy applications and implement layer 7 application traffic shaping and firewall rules to ensure appropriate network use. New SSIDs can be created remotely at a moment’s notice to accommodate conferences or presentations in event spaces.

Even without IT staff in every hotel, the centralized management and troubleshooting tools allow the team to be proactive in monitoring the network. The marketing team can calculate campaign ROI instantly using the downloadable reports, location analytics, and heatmaps available in the dashboard.

Guest and event space users experience improved wireless coverage and service, and are even noting it on travel review websites!

Temporary Event Wi-Fi

For large public venues, with hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of attendees needing to connect to Wi-Fi all at once, the solution is Xirrus. It delivers unmatched performance in extreme, high-density environments.

We have extensive experience deploying infrastructure at temporary events, from permanent infrastructure deployments to greenfield sites. These networks are future-proof and will grow with your needs – lasting far longer than the typical five-year network lifespan. Xirrus is the only Wi-Fi vendor to offer:

  • Lowest total cost of ownership: up to 75% less equipment than other Wi-Fi solutions
  • Up to 4x broader area coverage, thanks to directional antennas
  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi for fast deployment and simple operation
  • Scalable solutions that work in virtually any environment
Wireless CCTV

Fluidmesh was founded in 2005 by a team of researchers and visionaries from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Politecnico of Milan. The goal was to reliably deliver fiber-like performance via unlicensed wireless spectrum – providing connectivity for mission critical video, voice, and data.

Fluidmesh has become the choice of customers who want to bring network connectivity without the inconvenience, time or expense of running wire. Fluidmesh think a lot about connecting things to each other and ultimately to the Internet. As the Internet of Things develops, broadband connectivity to hard-to-connect or large sites and environments is becoming key (high-speed moving transport, large-scale industrial sites, distributed infrastructures and complex urban environment).

Fluidmesh wireless products are the enablers of outdoor and large-scale applications of the Internet of Things: smart cities, urban video-surveillance, connected vehicles and trains, and industrial automation.